Mobile Phones in School - New Rules

December 2017

Dear Parents / Guardians,
At St George Catholic College we constantly strive to keep all your children as safe as possible.
Whilst accepting that the use of new technologies is now common place and although most of our students use their mobile phones in a sensible way, we now believe that in order to ensure that no student is subjected to any acts of cyber bullying, sexting, sending or receiving inappropriate pictures/information whilst on site, the following will now be implemented.
From Monday 8th January 2018 the use of mobile phones / digital devices will be banned during the school day. They must be kept in the student’s school bag at all times.
 This means that all students will not be allowed to use their mobile phone / digital devices at all on the school site at any time and for any purpose. This includes break and lunchtimes.
We do understand that you may feel that your child is safer carrying a mobile phone to and from school. However, it must be switched off throughout the school day, including break time and lunchtime:
·       08:40 till 16:00.  If students needs to contact their parents within the school day, they may go to reception or talk to their Progress Leader.
Please do not ring your child during the school day. If you need to contact your child, please ring reception and a message will be passed on. 
Should a student be seen with his / her mobile phone / digital device on site, then it will be confiscated and placed in the school safe. On the first instance your son / daughter will be able to collect their phone at the end of the day from the office. If this happens again, parents will be invited to come to school to collect it at the end of the day. Should this reoccur, the device will be confiscated again and you will be invited to a meeting.

Failure to comply with this rule will fall under the refusal to follow the college’s rules and will be dealt with under the behaviour policy.

The misuse of mobile phones and other digital devices can put students at risk and can trigger interventions from the police.

We hope you will support us in our efforts to keep all our students safe and happy whilst at school.

Yours faithfully

James Habberley
Head of School